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dimanche 7 septembre 2008
par  CSR

CSR discussed the international organization among the revolutionary syndicalists

Dear comrades,
The Courant Syndicaliste-Révolutionnaire (French Revolutionary-Syndicalist current) discussed the international organization among the revolutionary syndicalists during its national meeting, held in august 2007. The following points emerged.
1) The international unity of (...)

mercredi 30 mai 2007
par  CSR

A debate with CNT-F and foreign militants on internet

You can see it at : http://libcom.org/forums/anarcho-syndicalism-101/i-07?page=1
“they (CSR) do not want to organise revolutionary syndicalist organisation, they don’t want to re join us ( because they are a split from the 90’s) because”.
Faulse. We now say it is very difficult. CNT in France (...)

lundi 28 mai 2007
par  CSR

The history of the worker movement

The crisis the worker movement is going through hasn’t prevented the publication of a great deal of books dealing with its history. Yet, we can be worried about the contents of these books. It could be thought that militants are looking for the reasons of our today’s failures in past struggles. (...)

lundi 30 avril 2007
par  CSR

CNT-F tries to ban CSR militants to participate international syndicalist meetings

The problem with CNT-F is that they say :
"Followinig the industrial Conferences of San Francisco in 1999 ( I 99) and Essen in 2002 (I 02), the french CNT takes the initiative to invite all those organisations, groups, networks and activists who participated in the previous Conferences, as (...)

samedi 20 janvier 2007
par  CSR

Charter of Amiens

This text is the basis of Revolutionary-Syndicalism in France. It was voted by 830 delegates - only 8 voted against and one blanc. This means that Revolutionary-Syndicalism was supported by most of unionists in France as a tool and strategy to unify workers to overthrow capitalism. This text is (...)

mardi 2 janvier 2007
par  CSR

Short Explanation of what is the CSR

Salut tout le monde,
I’m from the CSR in France. I’m glad to see people inerested in french Unionist movement. I would like to share some facts with you to explain what we are (the CSR) and our links with the other revolutionaries.
CSR was created by unionists from CNT-F Vignoles and from SUD. (...)

lundi 2 janvier 2006
par  CSR

Some more answers about revolutionary-Syndicalists in France

Some more answers about revolutionary-Syndicalists in France
(Italics are no-CSR militants)
Monatte knew well Trotsky because trotsky was a refugee in Paris before going back to Russia. Lots of russian revolutionaries were in Paris. Lozovsky who will be the secretary of RILU was also a (...)