A debate with CNT-F and foreign militants on internet

Around the international meeting of CNT May 2007
mercredi 30 mai 2007
par  CSR

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“they (CSR) do not want to organise revolutionary syndicalist organisation, they don’t want to re join us ( because they are a split from the 90’s) because”.

Faulse. We now say it is very difficult. CNT in France can’t developp because the union laws don’t give alternative unions the same rights that big trade unions. If you want to developp alternative unions you need to have enough workers organised to impose the boss the union.

The majority of radical workers are now in CGT in France. As Revolutionary-Syndicalist we know our force is the unity of workers in the fight against bosses. So the majority of CSR militants are naturaly in CGT. We have also the project of Revolutionary Union, we are just not enough to build it now in France. Neither CNT-F.

“they don’t want to re join us ( because they are a split from the 90’s)”

Most of the members of the CSR havn’t been in CNT-F ever. Most of them come from CGT like majority of the proletariat in France. Never say never ! We perhaps will join CNT-F one day if it is impossible to have a syndicalist practice in big unions like CGT.

“Your " comrade" in the steel industry can do nothing for you nor for us because he in organised in a stalinist union (CGT-F) which will never do a thing for you.”

Sorry but the comrade you talk about has made the majority of the work during the CNT steel industry meeting in Paris. Where was the CNT worker in car industry ? Our network of militants has more informations and activity than ghost CNT unions that exist only on paper for propaganda.
I’m not glad to say that but don’t try to fool foreign comrades about the reality of CNT membership and activity in enterprises.

“Do you really think that one CSR or even 20 will ever change the face of the french CGT ?”

The CSR is not crazy to think that. We are not a frog that want to be a bull. But we think and we have now some experience of the class war, we are more efficient in CGT than alternative unions like SUD or CNT.
Lots of comrades make a mistake about CGT. The bureaucracy is now weak. They can’t have a total control over unions like in the past.

Moreover, CGT still have a federal organisation with autonomy of the unions and local federations of unions on territories (Bourses du Travail). CSR militants made the choice to involve in CGT to keep that structure and defend it against bureaucrats. If we lose this battle, we will have to make other choice.

“Why we can’t invite Solidaires ( the regrouping of all SUDs because they are various federations but not regrouped as one big confederation) because they organise the Special Branch and because they participated in suppressing our rights in the postal services.”

Is a union like SUD enough strong to do that ? Didn’t the boss rule the postal enterprise ? You should say that all the unions has lost rights in the Post and CNT has lost everything because it is not recognised.
Is it a good reason ? So you think the same of SUD-Railways who is really fighting union and present in the industry and making a great international work ?

“The CSR are not a revolutionary syndicalist union/organisation but a reflection group on syndicalism.”

CSR means Revolutionary-Syndicalist Comites. Isn’t that clear ?
The whole problem for CNT-F is to think being the only one and good Revolutionary Union. So CNT don’t want to invite other unionists from France. But CNT must realise that it is not the whole Revolutionary Syndicalism in France. If CNT want to developp, it should accept to debate with other syndicalists and convince them to re join. CNT should not be afraid to meet others.
Trying to ban militants from participating a meeting are methods of bureaucrats. It’s a shame to act like bureaucrats in CGT !
We should be together to fight bureaucrats and you should support us in our fight against bureaucrats in CGT. Because in the class struggle in France CGT is still 1000 times bigger than CNT. So there is an importance to be there if we want to do something in France. And the bureaucrats we fight in CGT are the same we fight together when want to develop general strikes.

“No one like us...”

If we were thinking that why do CSRs talk to you ?